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Once upon a time, a young man named Yohan fell in love with a high school girl named Sharlene. He asked her for her 06 but she was not so quick to give in.....2 years later, they had come to know and love each other. With love, they decided to create a recipe that would delight the gourmet palate of their customers. It was in the laboratory at 9 rue Lanterne that the recipe was developed and finalised. On August 21, 2017, the recipe was finalized and the Flan was born!

In February, Petit Flan decided to go out, it was a nutcracker! Its release is a success in 3 days 45000 people have seen Petit Flan. Yohan and Sharlène are busy in the pastry laboratory and in the offices to find a name for it, fabulous, magnificent, ardent, majestic.....this is when Petit Flan changes its name and becomes Flanboyant, it will be named one of the best Flan in Lyon by @lebonbonlyon.